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    More than 20 years of continuous hard work at Helan Mountain have demonstrated the persistence and determination in creating quality wines that are celebrated by the world


    2018-Becoming one of the best in China

    XIAOFENG Cabernet Sauvignon was named “Best Wine from China 2018” in the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)

    2016-Brand Re-launch

    Significant effort has been made to refresh the branding and accelerate its market expansion.The company went public the same year to expand its wine market share.

    2014-International Awards

    The brand was awarded the Gold Medals of Chardonnay Du Monde of France and Mondus Vini of Germany.

    2012-Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pernod Ricard

    The Helan Mountain brand went global.

    2010-International Award

    The brand won the Silver medal in the 17th “Chardonnay du Monde” awards in Burgundy, France, becoming the only Chinese brand to be recognized in the competition in five years.

    2005-Veteran winemakers brought in from Australia

    Helan Mountain welcomes distinguished Australian winemaker Philip Laffer as Chief Consultant?in winemaking

    1999-First wine launched

    The first wine from Helan Mountain Winery was launched

    1998-Helan Mountain Winery established

    Overcoming challenges to build the Helan Mountain Winery in an intense environment and successfully turning the desert into a green landscape