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    The art of winemaking

    Produced in a magnificent desert setting with a high-altitude climate, every drop of Helan Mountain wine is precious. Determination, self-belief and a pioneering spirit have been the foundation for success. Every vintage reflects the foresight, courage and optimism of the winemakers.

    Winemaking with heart and soul

    The experienced winemaking team scrutinises the quality of the wine daily. Throughout the fermentation period, our winemakers taste the wine in each tank daily to confirm that flavour, tannin and colour development is proceeding as planned and reaches its peak before the wine is pressed off its skins.

    Maturing in oak barrels

    Every bottle of exquisite Helan Mountain wine has been matured in an oak barrel to impart the best flavours reflecting the terroir.

    Truly limited production

    Only selected vintages of grapes will be used. Every single grape is hand-picked with stringent selection criteria. The wine production for every year is limited.